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my latest personal artistic project - Post Abstract Impressionism

Professional Experience in Brief

I have worn many hats in my career from fine artist to graphic designer and creative director. My professional experience includes designing and producing marketing projects across a broad spectrum media channels (internet, interactive, user interfaces, video, animation, print and multimedia integrating two or more).

Currently I am the Marketing Communications Manager for Emerson Industrial Automation responsible for the Americas. My main responsibilities as you might expect revolve around sales support which includes; product collateral, messaging and creative briefs to provide context and direction for our marketing and advertising campaigns (digital online as well as traditional print).

I am outcome focused, so our projects tend to either inform, increase brand awareness and or generate sales leads, which are all developed to drive sales. The next big project which involves teams from across our organization, is to launch a marketing automation system hooked to our CRM which will vastly improve our ability to capture, track, nature, communicate, measure and quality current prospects and customers.




Above you will find a few selected samples. If you would like to see more samples of my design work click here and check out my portfolio pages. To see my professional work experience and qualifications please click here and check out my resume. Other wise check out any of my other links.

Thank you for visiting. - RJK

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Oil on Canvas.
10" X 8".

Robert Kelly. All Rights Reserved World Wide.